My name is Diane Sousa MSN, RN, NE-BC

I have a master’s degree in nursing, a master’s degree in healthcare administration, and I have 26 years of nursing and nursing leadership experience in a variety of clinical settings. I am a Board-Certified Nurse Executive, and I am passionate about facilitating quality, efficient, and effective interactions within the healthcare system. Throughout my nursing journey, from being a staff nurse in the emergency room to continuing through a succession of nursing leadership positions, I have reflected, listened to, supported, and facilitated the success of many colleagues, patients, and families.

I know, with certainty, that listening to the desires and expectations of patients and their families is crucial in healthcare delivery. Unclear communication about goals and care too commonly results in undesirable outcomes. The goal of a health advocate is to establish a pathway between a provider and the recipient of health care. As an advocate, with my knowledge of healthcare systems and processes, I can fashion such a pathway.

Diane Sousa Cape Health Advocacy

I can form the critical connection between a healthcare provider, a patient and the patient’s family regarding wellness, diagnostic management, and, perhaps, end-of-life care; I can research the intricacies of any particular condition and then explain treatment options; I can assist in reaching medical care goals; I can facilitate mutual discussions about treatment expectations and general wellness. Optimal treatment outcomes occur when patients, and healthcare teams, possess a shared understanding of symptom management and goals of care. I can assist in building this shared understanding.

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At Cape Health Advocacy, we are dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare advocacy services. Our team, led by Diane Sousa MSN, RN, NE-BC, has over 26 years of nursing and nursing leadership experience. We believe in facilitating quality, efficient, and effective interactions within the healthcare system.


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